Rules of The Triad

Rules for members and non-Triads to read to understand more about The Triad and what we stand for.

Rules of The Triad

Postby Atrellium » Wed Oct 25, 2006 3:17 pm

This list is currently under review and likely to change soon, check back often. If you're unsure about something please PM Atrellium, or either of the VPs.


Code of Conduct -
A Triad is expected to act lawfully and fairly in all his actions, they are expected to work towards the development of both themselves and The Triad and never in a way that works against the Triad. Triads are encouraged to be active members of the alliance, taking part in Alliance Chat, the Triad forums, and co-operative development of sector economies.

Bounties -
The Triad supports the law of the Federation, and as such views the collection of faction bounties as entirely legal both by and on our pilots. The Triad does not allow the collection of private bounties for any reason. Our pilots are discouraged from taking part in actions that result in bounties, however we leave the decisions up to the individual pilot, so long as they realize their bounty may be collected at any time with no right to seek revenge.

Foe and Friend Listing -
The alliance maintains a foe list, and we ask that all members add these pilots to their foe lists as well. If a pilot acts aggressively towards you and/or other Triads and you'd like to request they be added to the list - contact the Department of Military Affairs to discuss it. Typically it takes multiple infractions to land on the list, though certain known problem pilots may be placed on it as well. You may maintain your own personal foes as well, but we ask that you do so after attempting to resolve the issue.
In regards to friend listing, as long as you do not control any alliance MOs or SBs you are free to add whatever friends you like as long as they are not on our foe list. If you do control an alliance MO or SB, or come in control of an SB in the future, you will need to have your friend list reviewed. SB owners must maintain very strict friend lists due to the production of fighter and bomber squadrons at their SBs that could be used to instigate attacks on any SB.

Combat -
Triads are expected to refrain from initiating aggressive actions towards other pilots (except in the case of faction bounty collection). Immediate Self-Defense is of course allowed, but bounty placing and retaliation from other Triads should be cleared by the Department of Military affairs before being done. Telerobbing and other theft is an act of aggression.

Illegals -
As stated in the code of conduct, Triads must act lawfully. This includes the prohibition of any illegal buildings (Slave Camps, Drug Labs, Dark Domes, etc) and prohibits the sale of all illegals at any building.
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